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Ratings for the “The River” Drop Slightly!

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Ratings for “The River” dropped a tenth of point over the premiere to a 2.4 with the 18-49 demo.  This suggests that he audience that watched last week returned this week.  Not a great sign.  But better than the alternative.


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Exciting new TV spot for Paranormal Activity 3 which hits theaters on October 21, 2011.

Video: Girl Crying with Fear Over INSIDIOUS!

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We blame Mark Kermode.  He said Insidious wasn’t scary.

For director James Wan‘s reaction to this video:  Join us after the jump… Continue reading


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That is one creepy looking kid.  And if you enjoyed that delve into a whole passel of stills after the jump.  Yeah, we used the word “passel”.  Live with it.

Continue reading


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The trailer pitches the film’s pedigree hard.  Just like the poster above.  But we think the contents sells it better.

Don’t you agree?  Or are you still busy trying to figure out what “pedigree” means?

SAW 3D Slashes the Competition!

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Saw 3D took the top place at the box office this week with a strong $22.5 million.  Paranormal Activity 2 had almost a 60% drop-off, but it still managed to hang onto second place with a take of $16.5 million.  Both these films earnings suggest that fall dangers signs for genre were not terminal.  Horror may no longer be king at the box office, but the right project can still make a princely sum.


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Horror has had a weak autumn at the box office.  All of the releases in the genre have drastically underperformed.  And some worried that Paranormal Activity 2 would fall this trend.  Not so.  The film not only performed, it broke records, landing the highest weekend gross for a supernatural horror film, nabbing a total of $40.7 million!

This suggests that the hunger for horror hasn’t abated.  Just shifted.  And that current audiences prefer a more zeitgeist-y, relevant horror that the studios were offering … till now.  It will be interesting to see how SAW 3D performs when it opens this (Halloween!) weekend.

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