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Audiobooks Marketed to Multitaskers!

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audiobook conception with headphones and books

Audiobooks are hot.  This once decidedly unhip form of entertainment, the purview of grandmas and square commuters, has exploded in recent years.  And most industry mavens think the growth is just beginning.  They feel huge segments of the public will embrace audiobooks given half a chance.

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AUDIO: Bradbury 13 – “Bradbury on Bradbury”

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More of our tribute to Ray Bradbury.  This time instead of a story we get to hear Bradbury talking about his life and work.  He offers great advice not only about writing.  But about life itself.  This was prepared as a promotional piece for the radio series “Bradbury 13”, and it has become an episode of the series when it has been repeated.  It was recorded in late March, 1984.

The “Long Goodbye” of the Print Book

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In a piece highlighting the massive success of Tony Blair’s memoirs, the Guardian once again bemoans the potential death of bookshops and the printed book.  But, finally,  near the end of the article they get to the crux of it:

… paradoxically, the age of digitisation is both a golden age of ink (virtual and electronic as much as ink-and-paper) and a boom time for narrative, in many media, on countless “platforms”, from blogs, audiobooks and trashy paperbacks to television soaps, Facebook crazes, and – yes – hardback memoirs. Not since the late 16th century has there been such a bonanza in new prose. The scale of the global audience and its extraordinary new means of self-expression get forgotten amid the legitimate anxieties over the consequence of “free content”.

Bookshops are changing. The worst are becoming novelty item and greetings card boutiques, but the good ones are selling more books than ever, and the publishers, cursing the climate and moaning as usual about the state of the harvest, show few signs of cutting back on their output. Blair’s success suggests that the book-buying public may talk digital but actually buy analogue. This could be Gutenberg’s long goodbye.

And this is the real point.  The Internet revolution has brought in a new vibrancy to both reading and writing.  And this revitalization has inevitably brought more and more people to books be they electronic or otherwise.

And ultimately the question isn’t the success of books in a specific form but of books themselves.  The growth of reading.  And the ebook success story is further proof that despite all the other activities open to us,  modern humans still make time for reading.   And that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.  Thus, this “long goodbye” the Guardian speaks of may rapidly transform into a long series of new hellos.

Ghost Radio Website Gets a Makeover!

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Check out the new look of the Ghost Radio website here.  And keep checking back over the next week as we continue to make subtle adjustments to the site.

And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments section.

Fantasy Debut Features GHOST RADIO

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Their take:

I do dabble a bit into horror, so this is more appealing to me. The premise reminds me of an actual late-night call-in radio show, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. I used to hear the last half-hour on the way to work, back when I worked on a military base and had to get in ridiculously early. It was all about UFOs and the paranormal. As in this novel, I always suspected that Art Bell was a skeptic.

Read more here.

The Collection Chamber Raves About GHOST RADIO!

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Here’s an excerpt:

Ghost Radio, the debut novel from producer/director/graphic artist Leopoldo Gout, is an enjoyable, easy read, and will strike a chord with those that remember the punk scene of the late 1980s, as well as fans of comic books and the paranormal.

Read the rest of the review here.

New Ghost Photo!

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This photo and story could have been ripped right from the pages of Ghost Radio:


This is a picture of the band Myth according to one of the band members the figure in the back was not there on the day of the shoot.  They believe he might be a former bassist who died in a car accident.

Jimmy, our bassist, was driving the van. All of us escaped with minor injuries, but Jimmy was unfortunate. We replaced him for another bassist. After some months we went to shoot for a music video in that abandoned ranch. After the shooting we were taking some photographs. We took only one picture which included all the band members. After developing the film this is the picture we got… When we saw the picture, we first thought that the figure at the back was one of the crew members. But later from the others we came to know that no one was standing there while the picture was being taken. Can anyone explain who he is?

Read the band’s full comments here.

Doesn’t this feel eerily close to the events in Ghost Radio?  Offer your thoughts in the comments section.

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