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AUDIO: The Mysterious Traveler – “The Locomotive Ghost”!

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There’s something comforting about the look and sound of trains. Comforting unless it’s …

“The Locomotive Ghost” which originally aired on “The Mysterious Traveler” on July 6, 1947.

VIDEO: Stunning New Ghost Video!

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Watching carefully and you’ll see a figure in a white t-shirt and shorts appear suddenly along a fence line.  But when the videographer tracks back … it’s gone.

After the jump, we offer a screen capture of the ghostly figure.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Audio: Vincent Price’s “A Hornbook for Witches”

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Here are all the tracks from this album of witch and horror themed poems and stories read by Vincent Price.  It also includes some spooky sound effects on the last few tracks.

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Video: Wispy “Ghost” Caught on Tape!

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Here’s how the YouTube poster describes this vide0:

Amid the bright walls of this Argentinian factory comes this footage of a wispy shape. It moves before us, walking like any human shade, but so faint it could be a puff of smoke. It seems to be walking with a purpose, striding quickly, before it disappears into the sunlight. Could it be a factory worker, still coming to work each day to a routine that has carried over into the afterlife, forever wandering its old employer?

One intriguing aspect about this video is the videographer appears to attempt to follow the apparition.  However, the video is very short.  This often means that source of the strange apparition would be clear if the video ran longer.  Still, an intriguing image and one worthy of further study.


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Exciting new TV spot for Paranormal Activity 3 which hits theaters on October 21, 2011.

Audio: THE SHADOW – “Ghost Town”

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Here’s a fan favorite from the old time radio series “The Shadow”.  It’s entitled “Ghost Town”  But, as with all episodes of “The Shadow”, the “ghosts” in this town aren’t quite what they seem.

In this episode the Shadow/Lamont Cranston is played by Bill Johnstone and Margo Lane is played by Majorie Anderson.

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