UFO Movie May Be Based on “The Long Sleep”!

According to the Fanderson site, the upcoming movie based on Gerry Anderson’s television series “UFO” may be based on an episode of that show entitled “The Long Sleep”.  This news came from a Fanderson “member” called Kofax who’s working on the movie.  The reason he can’t be sure of the plot is because the crew has only been given fragments of the script.  This cloak and dagger bit aside this information begs two important questions:

What is the episode “The Long Sleep” about?  And would it make a good movie?  Well, we have the info and know-how to answer those questions.

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The story of  “The Long Sleep” involves a young woman who’s just awoken from a coma, before going under, she hide the crucial part of a bomb that the UFOs have been using to cause massive earthquakes all over the globe.  Stryker and his team must get to the part before the UFOs do.  But the woman can’t remember where she hid it.  Why?  Three reasons:  It occurred ten years previously.  It was during a UFO encounter.  And she was on hallucinogenic drugs.  That’s what we call a memory blocking trifecta!  Meanwhile the UFOs may have a bit alien jiggery-pokery that can extract the information before Stryker can.

Although this might not be our choice for adaptation.  It does feature a good “race against time” plot that could be nicely tailored into a big budget movie.  And the “wacky weather” element will make it seem of the moment.  True, this ep, unlike others, lacks big action.  But there are many places such action could be inserted.

Our verdict:  Would the long game make a good UFO movie?  Yes, especially if it were wedded with the episode “Exposed”.  The episode introducing Paul Foster.

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