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VIDEO: New David Tennant Interview!

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New interview with David Tennant, covering his new series “The Escape Artist”, the 50th anniversary “Doctor Who” special, and his hair.  A lot about his hair.  Thanks to Blogtor Who and Doctor Who 24/7.


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originalFor some weeks there had been rumors about a new Tardis interior.  Well, the rumors are true.  And here (above) it is.  What do you think?  Too green?  Too Star Trek?  Not enough roundels?  Not Edwardian enough?  Something else?  Offer you thoughts in the comments section.

And, after the jump, some images of Tardises past.

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The Doctor’s Daughter “Jenny” to Return in “Doctor Who” Finale!

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Or at least that’s what a lot of fans thought when this very Time Lady-ish photo was released labelled “Jenny”.  For those who don’t remember, “Jenny” was a character who appeared in a series four episode entitled “The Doctor’s Daughter“.  She wasn’t actually the Doctor’s daughter, but a person created by a machine using the Doctor’s DNA.  She seemingly died at the end of the episode, but was revived in an epilogue.  The Doctor, however,  is unaware of this.  She was originally portrayed by Georgia Moffet.  However, since she has Time Lord DNA is it believed she could regenerate.  Hence, the new actor possibly playing her (above).

Georgia Moffett is also the “Doctor’s Daughter” in another way.  Her father is Peter Davison who portrayed the fifth Doctor on the series.  And just to make this even more convoluted.  She’s currently engaged to David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor).  The couple had a child in March.  Phew.  We weren’t sure we could get that all out.

More photos from the finale after the jump … but BE WARNED some of these photos CONTAIN SPOILERS

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