First Reactions to J.J. Abrams’ SUPER 8!

Saturday marked the first public screenings of J.J. Abrams new sci-fi film Super 8.  Journalists in attendance were under an embargo … until now.  Paramount has given them the go-ahead to tweet about the film.  So we sauntered over to Twitter and snagged some of the choice tweets:

Steven Weintraub of Collider said:

It’s great. Made me feel like a kid again

Jen Yamato of Movieline said:

I enjoyed Super 8’s Goonies vibe; the kids are great. Has its problems, but none are deal breakers for me…though they will be for others.

Jenna Busch of Moviefone said:

Tweet embargo is lifted, so I can finally say it:  Super 8 is AMAZING!!!! Nostalgic, action-packed and just damn entertaining! Woot!

Manny the Movie Guy said:

SUPER 8 is funny, spooky, haunting, uplifting…old school filmmaking at its finest…YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Steve Barton (Uncle Creepy) of Dread Central said:

Saw Super 8. Wow. Just wow. Days later I’m still happy it’s like Christmas for monster movie fans!

Peter Sciretta of Slash Film said:

I’m now allowed to tell you: Yes, I have seen Super 8 – Loved it, they don’t make these types of movies anymore.

We were unable to find a negative review.  This was our most anticipated movie of this summer.  Now you see why.

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