United States Air Force Flying Saucer!


Pictured above is an experimental aircraft built by the USAF in 1956-57 known as “Project 1794”.  It was built by the Canadian company Avro Aircraft, LTD.  It was tested in  Malton, Ontario.  The test version was subsonic, but a Mach 4 version was on the drawing table.


However, the aircraft proved unstable and possess too little power to maintain lift.    One individual who claims to have seen the test, stated:

It was like a dropped plate trying to spin on its edge, almost completely out of control. Later in free flight it could only fly a few feet off the ground and had trouble flying across ditches.

The project was apparently abandoned after these unsuccessful tests.  But one wonders why the USAF had a craft built that so closely resembled the “flying saucer” reports of the period.  This story came to light to do recently declassified USAF records.


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