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Video: Is This the Best Evidence of Reincarnation?

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We’re not especially convinced.  The boy is almost never allowed to speak for himself.   Mostly it’s just the parents relying information which we are just supposed to accept.

Further hampering our ability to accept this material is the video itself.   It’s clearly not a piece of journalism.  It’s a package created to sell a book.  And as a comment on YouTube wisely puts it:

never believe somebody whos selling something

Yup, you really shouldn’t.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

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Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for us.  And the fear of this day is fairly new.  It can’t be dated any earlier than the 19th century.  But no one knows exactly how Friday the 13th grew to be a day with negative, superstitious connotations.  Theories of all kinds have developed.  Some connect to Norse mythology.  Others to early Christian teachings.  Even the Knights Templar have been blamed.  Those poor Knights Templar.  They get blamed for everything.

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New Clive Barker Adaptation!

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John Heffernan (Snakes on a Plane)  & Jorge Saralegui (Showtime) are adapting the Clive Barker story “Resurrection Man”.  The project is described as an “action thriller”.  No other information is currently available.

Pope’s Astronomer says Extraterrestrials Have Souls

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In an interview with the Guardian, the Pope’s astronomer Guy Consolmagno said:

Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.

Consolmagno defines a soul as:

[having] intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions.

In the same interview, Consolmagno also belittled intelligent design as not merely bad science but “bad theology”.  Seems like a cool guy.

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