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Golden Age Patriotic Comic Book Covers!

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In honor of Independence Day, here are a series of patriotic covers from comic books golden age.  Be warned that some of these covers feature racist portrayals of the Japanese and people of other races.  But this gallery would be incomplete if covers of this type were not included.  However, if you sensitive to such images perhaps you would prefer to skip this post.

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ART: Joe Kubert Poster for RED TAILS

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Stunning new piece from comic book icon Joe Kubert for the new George Lucas produced film “Red Tails” about African American fighter pilots during World War II known collectively as the “Tuskegee Airmen”.

Video: Is This the Best Evidence of Reincarnation?

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We’re not especially convinced.  The boy is almost never allowed to speak for himself.   Mostly it’s just the parents relying information which we are just supposed to accept.

Further hampering our ability to accept this material is the video itself.   It’s clearly not a piece of journalism.  It’s a package created to sell a book.  And as a comment on YouTube wisely puts it:

never believe somebody whos selling something

Yup, you really shouldn’t.

Art: New Concept Art for PANZER 88!

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Our buds at Bloody Disgusting offer some cool new pieces of concept art for Panzer 88.  This WWII creature feature is about a German tank fleeing across Russia from a mysterious entity.   The film will be directed by Peter Briggs, and produced in New Zealand with effects by Peter Jackon’s WETA Workshop.

More images after the jump.  And there’s an new interview with the director here.

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Ridley Scott Producing Philip K. Dick Project!

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According to Deadline Hollywood, Ridley Scott will produce a four part BBC miniseries based on Philip K. Dick‘s Hugo Award winning novel The Man in the High Castle.  The novel is about a world in which the Axis powers won World War II.  This represents the first Ridley Scott adaptation of one Dick’s works since Blade RunnerHoward Brenton has been hired to pen the adaption.

This is great news.  The Man in the High Castle is a classic of Science Fiction literature.  And a thrilling read.  We highly recommend it.

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