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Bigfoot Footprint Found in Illinois!

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The footprint above measures 18 inches long.  It was reported to the Chatham,  Illinois police by local resident Michael Patrick.   The print had been discovered by crewmen who were replacing a pool liner on his mother’s property.   The night before strange animal noises had been heard in the area that had spooked a neighbor’s German Shepherd.  As yet there is no explanation for the unusually large footprint.  Nor  for a series of five “claw marks” found nearby.


Mysterious Boom Rocks Pacific Northwest!

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On Sunday evening, April 4, 2010 local officials and broadcasters in Portland Oregon began receiving reports of a mysterious explosion which shook houses in the area.   However, despite the large number of reports no cause could be found.

The military denied involvement.  And police and fire fighters found no signs of an fireball or explosion.  NORAD could find no evidence of an aircraft in the area traveling faster than the speed of sound.   Thus, it couldn’t be a sonic boom.  There were no storms in the area.  So thunder could not be the cause.  And the local electrical utilities reported no transformer explosions or related activities.

So what was it?  Well, we may never know.

However, many experts believe this may have been what is called “an earthquake boom”.    This is a seismic phenomena which causes a sound similar to a sonic boom.  For more information on this click here.

We’d love to hear from our readers in the area about this bizarre occurrence.  So feel free to drop us a note, or relay your experiences in our comments section.


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