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There are all kinds of dangers an adventurer might face.  But nothing more intriguing than …

“Flying Saucers” originally aired on “Dangerous Assignment” on April 17, 1950.    This is one of the shows from the early fifties that had both radio and television versions airing at the same time, and featuring the same cast.  The TV series was somewhat obscure, and hard to find.  But now, thanks to Hulu, the series can be watched for free.  The television series only had a single 39 episode season.  Hulu has made all the episodes available.  The radio series ran for three years.  About 90 episodes have survived.  But series star the always reliable Brian Donlevy.

Spooky Audio: THE SHADOW – “Nightmare at Gaelsberry”!

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Today we offer that fellow with the ability to cloud men’s minds.

If  decide to spend some time with Lamont Cranston.  You never know where it might lead.  It could lead to the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.  Or it could lead to the …

“Nightmare at Gaelsberry” originally aired on “The Shadow” radio program on February 2, 1941.

Video: First Trailer for THE AVENGERS!

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Avengers assemble!

Video: Best Moment on “Doctor Who” This Year!

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We’ve been a bit underwhelmed by series six of “Doctor Who”.  But the moment below is one of favorites in this or any other year.  It even inspired us to do the photoshoppery above inspired by this poster.   But none of this will make sense to you until you watch the following:

Audio: BUCK ROGERS – “Origin Story”

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Tired of being spooked and scared and chilled?  We thought you might be.  So instead of sharing another radio thriller, we’re offering a bit of juvenile sci-fi with this episode of “Buck Rogers” which offers the original of our mighty hero.

Ah, that was refreshing!   And what did you think of “Popsicle Pete” and the “electro-hypno-mentalophone”?

Video: Is This the Best Evidence of Reincarnation?

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We’re not especially convinced.  The boy is almost never allowed to speak for himself.   Mostly it’s just the parents relying information which we are just supposed to accept.

Further hampering our ability to accept this material is the video itself.   It’s clearly not a piece of journalism.  It’s a package created to sell a book.  And as a comment on YouTube wisely puts it:

never believe somebody whos selling something

Yup, you really shouldn’t.

“Falling Skies” Gets Second Season!

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Thanks to strong ratings (an average of 6.74 million per episode) TNT’s new Spielberg-produced, alien invasion series is getting a second season.  Great news for genre fans who’ve recently seen many new genre series get the axe before their time.   Clearly, the series mixing of heart-stopping action and deep human drama has been a winner with fans.  Frankly, we’re excited to get another series of this fun new show.

And aren’t you proud of us for not using any “Falling” puns in this story?  It was hard.  But we did it.

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