Is the NYC Skyline the New Stonehenge?

Is there something strange about the alignment of the skyscrapers in Manhattan?  Something similar to the astrophysical alignment of Europe’s stone circles, like Stonehenge?  Well, many have noticed this.  Chief among them the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.   He even coined the term “Manhattanhenge” to explain this similarity.

Photographers have also noticed this.  At certain times of years they line up on certain streets to catch the perfect sunsets.

Of course this wasn’t an accident.  When the grid system of NYC was created in the early nineteenth century, it was designed on a east/west alignment.  This would of course link it to the various equinoxes, and create the phenomena described above.

But Degrasse Tyson uses it as a teaching tool:  “I’ll take any excuse I can get to get people to look up and notice our cosmic environment,” and he agrues ” the greatest of the cosmos together with the greatest of our urban icons” is one such teaching tool.”  We can’t help but agree.


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