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CW’s “Arrow” has filled its cast with some sci-fi favorites.  Colin Salmon from “Doctor Who”.  John Barrowman from “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood”.  And now Ben Browder from “Farscape” and “Stargate: SG-1”.   Learn more about Browder’s role on the series  after the jump.

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Video: Tour the Studio Where They Film DOCTOR WHO!

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Cardiff is now one of the top centers of television production.  Less than a decade ago such a statement would have been met by gales of laughter.  But people aren’t laughing now.  The BBC has produced some its biggest shows of the 21st century in the Welsh capital, including “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood”, “Sarah Jane Adventures”,  “Casualty”,  and “Upstairs Downstairs”.  And now they have a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built television facility in Cardiff called Roath Lock.  Below you’ll be treated to a video tour hosted by Arthur (Rory Williams) Darvill.  And, think of this, many children today, dreaming of going into television won’t be setting their sites on London, or even Hollywood, they will be aiming for Cardiff!

Russell T Davies’ New Sci-Fi Series Gets Name Change!

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On BBC Radio Wales’ Roy Noble show this week, “Doctor Who” reboot honcho and “Torchwood” creator Russell T Davies had this to say about his upcoming kid’s show:

Coming up now we’ve got a children’s drama that we’re making out these new Roath Lock Studios called Wizards vs. Aliens. it was called Aliens vs. Wizards until a lawyer stepped in, but there we go. By Easter it will probably be called Chickens vs. Rabbits or something… It’s a great big, fun series for Children’s BBC that will be out in the Autumn.

Not heard anything about this?  Stay tuned for the skinny after the jump …

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Video: John Barrowman on “Watson & Oliver”

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John Barrowman sends himself up on new skit comedy show “Watson and Oliver”.  And a behind-the-scenes look after the jump.

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Video: John Barrowman Interview!

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Wide-ranging interview in which he covers everything from panto to “Torchwood” to “Doctor Who” to Botox!  Very relaxed and enjoyable half-hour with John.

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Gay Character in Next STAR TREK Movie?

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J. J. Abrams was asked by Afterelton if he’d put any thought into adding a gay character to the next “Star Trek” film.  He responded:

… that it is, you know, something that I would love to do …

But he quickly tossed in a bunch of caveats:

… but just the way I would be careful doing a story that would involve any of the characters and their personal lives. The balance is always, what how does that story relate to sort of the bad guy, which by the way is always going to be that critical thing, what are they up against? The question how do you get into literally these are personal sexual lives of these characters? Like what is that going to be about.

In short, it looks unlikely that J.J. will put a gay character in the flick.  We always thought “Star Trek” would be the first major sci-fi franchise to feature a continuing gay or bi character.  But “Doctor Who” now holds that prize with Captain Jack Harkness.  Who also became the first gay or bi main character in a sci-fi show, when “Torchwood” was launched in 2006.

Torchwood: Web of Lies – Episode 1!

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The first episode of the Torchwood animated web series designed to run parallel to “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.  It stars Eliza Dushku.

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