Russell T Davies’ New Sci-Fi Series Gets Name Change!

On BBC Radio Wales’ Roy Noble show this week, “Doctor Who” reboot honcho and “Torchwood” creator Russell T Davies had this to say about his upcoming kid’s show:

Coming up now we’ve got a children’s drama that we’re making out these new Roath Lock Studios called Wizards vs. Aliens. it was called Aliens vs. Wizards until a lawyer stepped in, but there we go. By Easter it will probably be called Chickens vs. Rabbits or something… It’s a great big, fun series for Children’s BBC that will be out in the Autumn.

Not heard anything about this?  Stay tuned for the skinny after the jump …

The series follows the adventures of two sixteen year-old kids named Tom and Benny.   One has magical powers and the other is mathematical genius and confirmed skeptic.  When a they discover and species of aliens on the moon, called the Nekross, they must join forces to defeat them.  This show offers Davies the chance to combine genres in a way he’s always dreamed about.  As he puts it:

Magic and science fiction are never combined. For example, the only thing that could make Harry Potter better, in my view, would be if a big spaceship arrives at the door of Hogwarts, but it never does. It does in ours, in episode one.

The show will also make much of these conflicting genres within the story with our boy heroes continually arguing the relatively merits of a magic spell versus a good piece of computer tech.  One can imagine the a “my smart phone is better than your wand” sort of thing.

The show is set to go into production this month.  And it will premiere in the autumn with a slate of 12 episodes each with a 25 minute running time.


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