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Russell T Davies’ New Sci-Fi Series Gets Name Change!

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On BBC Radio Wales’ Roy Noble show this week, “Doctor Who” reboot honcho and “Torchwood” creator Russell T Davies had this to say about his upcoming kid’s show:

Coming up now we’ve got a children’s drama that we’re making out these new Roath Lock Studios called Wizards vs. Aliens. it was called Aliens vs. Wizards until a lawyer stepped in, but there we go. By Easter it will probably be called Chickens vs. Rabbits or something… It’s a great big, fun series for Children’s BBC that will be out in the Autumn.

Not heard anything about this?  Stay tuned for the skinny after the jump …

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Top Ten Sci-Fi Moms!

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Mom’s aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when considering Science Fiction.  But they’ve played a more important role than you’d think.  And so,  in honor of Mother’s Day, we offer this list of Sci-Fi’s Best Moms!  And, after you’re done reading this, call your mom!  No, we’re serious, call you mom.

10.  Jackie Tyler

Before the appearance of Jackie Tyler, the mother of a companion had never played a significant role on “Doctor Who”.  Camille Codouri’s Jackie Tyler change all that.  And we loved her for that.  We also love her for her London accent, her flirtations ways, but most of all we love her because she raised an incredible daughter:  Rose Tyler.

And enjoy the rest of the list after the jump …

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Aliens are too Nice to Exist!

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Seth Shostak, in a recent column on AOL news, provides an odd argument for the nonexistence of aliens:  They too nice.  It seems, according to Shostak, if aliens actually existed they’d be much more violent:

It comes down to this: In the 16th century, the Americas were invaded by Europeans. If, at the time, you had asked the natives to list the consequences of this incursion, they would surely mention such noteworthy items as enslavement, decimation of the population by disease,  [and] being driven off their lands …

As far as I can tell, the only unambiguous consequence of the claimed invasion of Earth by beings from another star system has been a nonstop torrent of TV specials.

In short, because aliens haven’t left a trail of destruction in their wake, they must not exist.  Why?  Because that’s what happened when Europeans invaded the Americas.   Logic and Mr. Shostak aren’t close companions.

He also feels the aliens should be bad pilots:

All those sighted craft must be driving air traffic controllers crazy, right? Well, ask yourself how often your flight to Des Moines has been delayed because alien spacecraft are flying around without filing an FAA flight plan.


We understand the need of skeptics to come up with ways of ridiculing believers.  But too often, as Shostak does here, their debunking just doesn’t work.  He expects us to believe aliens would be as violent as 16th century Europeans.  And as clueless as a pilot who hasn’t filed a flight plan.  Shostak himself provides the counter argument to his claims:

Any beings advanced enough to traverse interstellar distances are at least a thousand years beyond our technical level.

True.  So they wouldn’t need to be as blood thirsty as the conquistadors.  And they wouldn’t need to file flight plans to avoid causing problems in our airways.  Thanks, Seth, for making our argument for us.

We’re all for intelligent skepticism.  It’s essential.   We practice it ourselves.  But this just isn’t that.  Seth may be a very accomplished physicist and astronomer.  And we applaud his work with SETI.  But as a logician he leaves a lot to be desired.

Video: Fan Reaction to DOCTOR WHO Prequel!

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Here’s some fun fan reactions via YouTube to the recent “Doctor Who” prequel footage.   One even includes a ukelele.  How cool is that?  And one has Justin Bieber’s hair.  Justin Bieber’s hair?!?  Don’t get confused … just watch … after the jump.

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Ratings for “V” Stabilize!

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“V” fans have been on tenterhooks.  Is their show sticking around?  Is it gonna be canceled?  And the ratings haven’t been much help.  They’ve been up.  They’ve been down.  They’ve been bouncing all around.  But finally this week it appears they’ve stabilized, holding at a 1.9 rating (18-49) for the second week running.   Although this doesn’t secure the future of the show, it makes a future look much more likely.

“The Cape” Ratings Down, “V” Ratings Up!

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A mixed week for two of our favorite shows.  The third episode of “The Cape” saw a 31% fall to a 1.8 rating with adults 18-49.  While “V” had a modest recovery, up 5%, lifting it to important 2.0 ratings threshold with adults 18-49.  Neither show is at immediate cancellation risk.  But both are hovering on the bubble.

We’re sad that “The Cape” was given a Monday slot.  Its strong family appeal made it a perfect fit for Sunday.  But we’re glad to see how the story is developing on “V”.  It’s really beginning to live up to its promise.  Still not at the level of Kenneth Johnson‘s original mini-series.  But it’s getting there.  Definitely getting there.

Marc Singer Joins Cast of “V” Remake!

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It has just been announced that Marc Singer (above), who starred in the original V miniseries, will play a role in the remake.  The announcement did not specify the character he will play.  But, according to Digital Spy, he will play …

Lars Tremont, a member of a secret organisation. The group, made up of politicians and military leaders, is said to be concerned that the Visitors are not looking for peace on Earth.

This is all exciting news for fans of the original series, and it follows on news of Jane Badler resuming her role as Diana in the new series.

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