“Stan’s Back!” – Odd Ad Campaign has Web Confused

The cryptic statement above has been used in print and web advertisement.  The signature styled “Stan’s” is clearly that of comic creator (cum legend) Stan Lee.  But back where?  Doing what?

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson thinks Boom Studios might be behind this due to similar campaigns they’ve run in the past.  But we’re not sure.  The only “back” that seems worth advertising would be a return to a gig writing at Marvel.  But no one knows for sure right now.  Only time will tell.  Or as Stan might put it … ’nuff said.

For the solution to this mystery click here.

2 Responses to ““Stan’s Back!” – Odd Ad Campaign has Web Confused”

  1. […] LA Times the mystery behind the “Stan’s Back” ad campaign, which we reported on here, has been solved: On Tuesday, Boom! will officially announce that Lee will “present” […]

  2. […] was, well, all atwitter. Some hopeful souls wondered of Lee was going back to Marvel; others did detective work and found that the website had a connection to a Vancouver […]

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