Bizarre Rumbling Sound Unnerves Oklahoma Residents


From 4029 TV:

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office has been flooded with more than 100 calls since Tuesday. On Friday residents in Crawford and Sebastian counties in Arkansas and Adair and LeFlore counties in Oklahoma reported feeling and hearing rumbles.

“(The noise) is always from a distance,” said Chris Keathley, of the Sequoyah County Department of Emergency Management. “We’ve never had anybody say it’s right here on me.”Ron Lockhart, the Sequoyah County sheriff, said the department has checked with every mining company in the county but none have reported any blasting.

40/29 News also contacted military bases in Fort Smith, Ark., and McAlester, Okla. to see if the exploding of ordinances were the cause of the rumblings, officials reported no such activity.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey which has seismographs stationed across the state, including Arkansas, detected no ground tremors on the days and times residents reported feeling and hearing rumbles.

“We saw no earthquake activity,” Ken Luza said. “This could be some atmospheric condition, could be military aircraft that are being field tested and they could be hundreds of miles away.”

Luza said rumbles felt across western Oklahoma years ago were traced back to military activity.”

“(It was) a fire power demonstration down at Fort Sill, near Lawton, Okla.,” said Luza. “There were some special atmospheric conditions where the energy was bouncing off one of the layers in the atmosphere and then being redirected about 80 miles away.”

Sequoyah County officials hope to find closure because they’ve been getting more than 50 calls a day to their 911 dispatch center.”(It’s kind of like the mysterious lights out in Arizona (but) it’s the mysterious booms of Sequoyah County.”

3 Responses to “Bizarre Rumbling Sound Unnerves Oklahoma Residents”

  1. In the big quake that happened a hundred years ago or so. Didn’t people report hearing big rumbles and booms beffore and after the quake?

  2. If your area has recently acquired WiFi, broadband telecommunication it could be that people are hearing low frequency electro-magnetic pulse waves. It is could the Frey effect. Microwave aditory effect see online at Pubmed for an article by James C. Lin. It could be what they have been referring to as the hum. People all over the world are being effected in many different ways. Of course I can’t be sure without hearing it. But over 4 years of hearing it everyday I can tell if its cell towers, com. towers that also send data or if it’s braodband which is the lowest frequency.

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