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Star Trek Magazine Goes Retro!

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For their 44th issue, the official Star Trek magazine decided to have a bit of fun.  They created cover that pays tribute to the Gold Key “Star Trek” comics.  But it pays tribute not merely to those comics in general.  But to a very specific issue.

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CHUD Attacks AVATAR … Again!

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About a week ago, Devin Faraci of the movie site CHUD, had some unkind things to say about the footage of James Cameron’s Avatar shown at Comic-Con.  It caused a mini-scuffle with one of the film’s crew members.  You can see how that went here.

Well, he’s at again.  This time over the poster image of Zoe Saldana pictured above.  He speaks of watching the nature show “Planet Earth” and how some of the animals in that show looked alien to him, then he goes on to say:

When I looked at them they never looked like CGI paintings. Maybe there’s something wrong with my eyes but this new character poster from Avatar ….  looks like a CGI painting to me, and not a photo of an alien.

I’m sure the Avatards have plenty of excuses for that – the most popular likely being ‘It’s not a final render!’ – but I look at this image of Zoe Saldana’s character from the film and think ‘Granddaughhter of Jar Jar Binks.’

Faraci is clearly just looking for attention.  And continuing his long standing feud with Fox.  But, so far, it isn’t having the desired effect.  The post has only generated a handful of rather disinterested comments.  Not the “eight pages” he suggested it would.


We think stunts like this lend a level of childish to his otherwise excellent site.  And, rather than making us want to argue with him, it makes us feel rather sorry for him.  As you often do at children embarrassing themselves to grab the attention of their elders.

And if he wanted to dampen interest in Avatar … no sale there either.  We’re as excited as ever.   So, Devin, go back to reporting news, and leave the childish scuffles to the playground … or the political blogosphere … where they belong.

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