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Brian Blessed Could Have Been the 2nd Doctor!

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Gregarious actor Brian Blessed, most famous for his role as Prince Vulcan in Flash Gordon (1980),  was offered the chance to succeed William Hartnel on the seminal British sci-fi show “Doctor Who”. Continue reading

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of “An Adventure in Space and Time”!

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Behind the scenes feature on the telefilm about the early days of the British television series “Doctor Who”.   This is one of the specials made in commemoration of the shows 50th anniversary.

Peter Capaldi’s Hartnell Tribute!

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Hartnell Tribute

Peter Capaldi is a lifelong fan of “Doctor Who”.  So when he stepped on stage during the announcement special today, he found a silent to show this.  He grabbed his lapels and struck a pose made famous by the first Doctor, William Hartnell.  It was an understated moment just for the fans.  It will not be soon forgotten.  Capaldi is a class act.

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“Doctor Who” Goes West in Series 7!

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In series six the Doctor wore a cowboy hat.   It appears series seven looks to up the ante.  With an entire episode set in the old west.  The episode entitled “The Gunslinger” was written by Toby Whithouse.  It is due to start shooting in Spain later this month.   Rumors suggest this show is not merely a Western but done in the style of a Spaghetti Western.

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Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman Wanted Hartnell Reference in “The Doctor’s Wife”!

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In a new blog entry, Neil Gaiman answers a lot of questions about his “Doctor Who” episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.  And we learn a lot of  fun tidbits about the episode.  Like this great one:

I was determined to get a mention of the TARDIS’s Mercury Fluid Link in there, because it was the first bit of the TARDIS I ever knew the name of, along with the machine that made food that looked like Mars Bars but tasted like bacon and eggs, but neither of them got on screen.

Both of these are references to “The Daleks” the second “Doctor Who” serial ever broadcast.  And the one that made “Dalek” a household word and the show the phenomena  it still is today.   This story featured William Hartnell as the Doctor (above) and William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, and Carole Ann Ford as Ian Chesterton, Barbra Wright and Susan, respectively.  For more of the Gaiman “Doctor Who” Q&A click here.

Video: Every Use of the Sonic Screwdriver on DOCTOR WHO

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Great video which chronicles every use of the Sonic Screwdriver on Doctor Who from the first use by Patrick Troughton to the most recent use by David Tennant.   Enjoy!

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