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Mysterious Holiday Booms in Greater Toronto Area!

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toronto boom

On both Christmas and New Year’s Eve a series of mysterious booms rocked the Greater Toronto area. These booms have also been heard to a lesser extent in the days surrounding these holidays. They rattled houses and caused minor damage, such the breakage of small objects and the cracking of windows. Many compared the sound to that of a tree falling either on their home or a nearby home. Some of the effected areas include Newmarket, Aurora, Belleville, Richmond Hill, and Sutton.

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Video: Whitley Strieber’s THE KEY!

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The new edition of Whitley Strieber’s The Key is currently on sale at Strieber’s website for the low, low price of $10.95.  It comes with a hand-signed bookplate.  The Key is Strieber’s most fascinating book since Communion.  What’s it about?  Well, Mr. Strieber describes it best in the video above.  But, suffice it to say, whether you’re a believer in moments of high strangeness, or the biggest skeptic in the world, you’ll find this book a gripping page-turner.  You can order it here.

Ratings for “V” Stabilize!

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“V” fans have been on tenterhooks.  Is their show sticking around?  Is it gonna be canceled?  And the ratings haven’t been much help.  They’ve been up.  They’ve been down.  They’ve been bouncing all around.  But finally this week it appears they’ve stabilized, holding at a 1.9 rating (18-49) for the second week running.   Although this doesn’t secure the future of the show, it makes a future look much more likely.

Pope’s Astronomer says Extraterrestrials Have Souls

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In an interview with the Guardian, the Pope’s astronomer Guy Consolmagno said:

Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.

Consolmagno defines a soul as:

[having] intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions.

In the same interview, Consolmagno also belittled intelligent design as not merely bad science but “bad theology”.  Seems like a cool guy.

UFO Photo Debate!

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A recent UFO debate has been firing up ‘net UFO mavens.  And it’s been started by an unlikely source.  Political columnist David Corn.  Here’s the meat of his argument:

In recent years, the world has exploded with photographic and video equipment. There are about 5 billion cellphones  in circulation throughout the world — many, if not most, equipped with still and/or video cameras. (The number of mobile broadband subscriptions will probably top a billion globally this year.) And there are millions, if not billions, of easy-to-use video cameras in circulation, as well as billions of still-picture cameras. Essentially, billions of people are able to snap or otherwise shoot the least bit interesting thing that happens at a moment’s notice.

You can read his full column here.

Lee Speigel wasn’t too impressed with this old point.  And offers a complex step-by-step critique of Corn’s hoary argument.   You can read his full article here.  But the he sums it up well here:

So, to Corn and other skeptics out there who claim there has never been any real photographic evidence about UFOs — especially with the help of today’s ultra-megapixel optical zoom-laden accessories — I say step backward in time and re-examine the evidence that’s been sitting there for decades.

We’re glad Speigel took the time to write the detailed piece, but we doubt Corn (or those like him) will be impressed.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this argument.  Comment below!

Video: V-Shaped UFO Over Sacramento!

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This video, showing a V-shaped UFO, was reportedly taken in the foothills of  Sacramento, California on March 20, 2010.  Who took this video and the circumstances surrounding it are still unclear.

This looks to be unaltered video.  It bears none of the hallmarks of digital trickery.  If forced to explain it, we’d say it’s an aircraft distorted by atmospheric conditions.  But we can’t be certain.

What do you think?

Google’s UFO Obsession Continues!

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For the second time in a month Google has created a doodle which features an UFO.  This one taking viewers to a page featuring search results on Crop Circles.

Their last UFO doodle puzzled tech geeks.  The tech world adores Google beyond all natural reasoning.  And they couldn’t imagine that the people at Google might actually be curious about such phenomena.  But we know better, don’t we?

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