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Many are describing this new Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner as Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day.   Makes sense.  The story tells the tale of a fresh recruit (Cruise) who’s forced to relieve the day of his death in battle, over and over again.  However, with the help of a fellow solider (Emily Blunt) he thinks he can stop this … by winning the war!

The film opens June 6, 2014,

VIDEO: OBLIVION International Trailer!

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Why are international trailers always better?

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Ethan Hunt and the gang are back for another mission.  Per usual heights are involved.

Audio: Movie Star Crisis!

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Everyone knows that the age of the movie star is waning.   Listen to this take via NPR on movie stars inability to open movies in the current climate.

This piece focuses on Tom Cruise, but also makes the general point about all movie stars in Hollywood today.  Worth a listen.

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