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Welcome to Day 4 of the “Ghost Radio: Countdown to Paper” event! Our celebration of the mass market paperback release of Leopoldo Gout’s hit horror novel Ghost Radio.  Today we look at pioneer of paranormal radio.  And make sure to read to the bottom of the post for a chance to win some exciting PRIZES!

One of the key components of Ghost Radio is a late-night paranormal radio show.  Such radio shows have been a programming fixtures for decades.  The show of this type that’s probably most familiar to today’s readers is Art Bell’s Coast to Coast Am.  And our Mexican readers are probably familiar with similar show called “La Mano Peluda” (The Hairy Hand).

But decades before either of these shows aired, there was a radio personality who pioneered this format.  His name was John Zimmerman, better known to his listeners as “Long John Nebel” (pictured above).  On various radio station in the New York City area, he broadcast an over-night radio show discussing the paranormal from the mid-fifties till the late seventies.

We could try to explain what his show was like.  But wouldn’t it just be better to give you chance to listen to it yourself?  We thought so.

So today we’re dipping deep in the Ghost Radio archives to give you a taste of John Nebel’s show.  And it’s quite a special one.  This broadcast is from February 1, 1958 and features an interview with Award Winning Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.  In this conversation, Clarke discusses his theories on UFOs.  We hope you enjoy it.


Each day of this event we offer the chance to win prizes.  Every winner will receive autographed copies of both the hardback and paperback editions of Ghost Radio. But they will also receive a special bonus surprise tied to the day’s theme.  This could be additional books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, or maybe something even more exciting.   So what are you waiting for?  Enter today’s contest now.

Here’s all you need to do to enter today’s contest:

Just send an email to,  and put “COUNTDOWN TO PAPER – DAY 4” in the subject line, and “Ghost Radio”  in the body of the email.  Or just use the contact form below:

This contest closes on March 13, 2010.  Winners will be chosen at random, and notified the following week.

And don’t forget to check back to tomorrow for another day of this exciting event, and another chance to win PRIZES!

If you’ve missed any of the COUNTDOWN TO PAPER event you can catch up here.

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