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Video: The Making of “Time of the Doctor”!

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Enjoy this nifty behind the scene’s look at the 2013 “Doctor Who” Christmas Special “Time of the Doctor”. It full of fun facts: Like who’s inside the wooden Cyberman, how Barnable got lost on his way to Christmas, and secrets behind the kind of chaos only “Doctor Who” and pyrotechnics can bring!

So grab and glass of ‘nogg or a candy cane, and prepare to be amazed!

Video: Neil Gaiman’s Preview of his DOCTOR WHO episode “Nightmare in Silver”!

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Enjoy this little intro to Gaiman’s latest “Doctor Who” episode.


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originalFor some weeks there had been rumors about a new Tardis interior.  Well, the rumors are true.  And here (above) it is.  What do you think?  Too green?  Too Star Trek?  Not enough roundels?  Not Edwardian enough?  Something else?  Offer you thoughts in the comments section.

And, after the jump, some images of Tardises past.

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Is the Next “Doctor Who” Companion Aisling Loftus?!?

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Tomorrow Steven Moffat will hold a press conference to announce the new “Doctor Who” companion.  And right now the smart is on relative unknown Aisling Loftus (above).  Her highest profile role to date was as “Arrietty Clock” in recent BBC adaptation of the classic children’s book “The Borrowers” which aired in late 2011.  And she certainly fits Daily Mail writer’s tweet:

BBC source has confirmed to me they will unveil new Doctor Who assistant tmrow. She is “pretty” but “not household name”.

But Loftus is not the only name being foisted.   Rumors continue that comedian  Miranda Hart may have role in the upcoming series, possibly as a companion.  While others still cling to the notion that Sophia Myles will return in her role as Madame Pompadour.  Now as a full time companion.  There is a lot of evidence mounting up that she will play a role in the new series.  Our pals at Bleeding Cool have a nice rundown of that here.  But like them we’re highly skeptical of this.

Who would you like to be the Doctor’s next Tardis teammate? Share your thoughts in the comment section.  And, don’t worry, we’ll be here tomorrow with the news and our assessment as soon as it breaks.  In fact, we may be back before then, if any little birds whisper in our ears.

Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman Wanted Hartnell Reference in “The Doctor’s Wife”!

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In a new blog entry, Neil Gaiman answers a lot of questions about his “Doctor Who” episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.  And we learn a lot of  fun tidbits about the episode.  Like this great one:

I was determined to get a mention of the TARDIS’s Mercury Fluid Link in there, because it was the first bit of the TARDIS I ever knew the name of, along with the machine that made food that looked like Mars Bars but tasted like bacon and eggs, but neither of them got on screen.

Both of these are references to “The Daleks” the second “Doctor Who” serial ever broadcast.  And the one that made “Dalek” a household word and the show the phenomena  it still is today.   This story featured William Hartnell as the Doctor (above) and William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, and Carole Ann Ford as Ian Chesterton, Barbra Wright and Susan, respectively.  For more of the Gaiman “Doctor Who” Q&A click here.

Audio: DOCTOR WHO Talks Politics!

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Current “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith offers a bit about politics in an interview with John Pienaar at the Welsh parliament.  He’s become quite an excellent interview subject.

Source:  “Pienaar’s Politics”

Best Scene From the DOCTOR WHO Episode “The Rebel Flesh”!

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Oh, strange, compassionate, Rory.  Why not try chasing after a “normal” girl?

Video: Wonderful Tribute to the TARDIS!

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From “Doctor Who Confidential” comes this exquisite video tribute to the most wonderful blue box in the universe.  She really is a “sexy thing”.

Video: Best Scene from “The Doctor’s Wife” Episode of DOCTOR WHO

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A bitey mad lady lays some Time Lord science on the Doctor.

Video: Best Scene From Episode 3 of “Doctor Who”!

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Once again, Amy Pond is central to our favorite scene.  That surprises us a bit.  Did you have a different favorite scene?  Tell us about it in the comments section.

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