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Tennant Does Stevenson!

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According to a BBC press release, David Tennant is set to star in a two part radio drama based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s travel writings.  Entitled “Stevenson in Love”, the series examines how Stevenson’s travels were affected by his love life.  The first part deals with his travels in France, the second with his travels in America.  The series airs on October 26 and 27, 2011.

New “Jekyll and Hyde” Series Headed for ABC!

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Frederick March (above) may look confused.  But there’s no confusion about the fact that remakes of classic tales are all the rage.   And Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is the latest tale to get such treatment.  Former Platinum Dunes alum, Sheldon Tuner has just sold a series to ABC entitled “Hyde”.  The concept:

A thirtysomething ER doctor with a degenerative eye condition who is conflict-averse and hesitant to be captain of his own destiny. After attempting an experimental treatment to improve his eyesight, he begins to experience a strange side effect — when he goes to sleep, his id manifests itself as Hyde, a fearless, gregarious personality who takes control where Grant cannot.

Sounds intriguing.   But it will be hard for this show to match Steven Moffat’s “Jekyll”.

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