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Another Ratings Slip for “V”!

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Sci-fi series “V”, after a week of stable ratings, saw another slip.  The Tuesday ep dropped 5% in the 18-49 demo, resulting in a rating of 1.7.  This show is clinging to the bubble.  On the edge between renewal and cancellation.  So we’ll c0ntinue to keep an eye on it.

Another Ratings Drop for “The Cape”!

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Another there hasn’t been an announcement, cancellation of “The Cape” is all but certain.  Last night’s episode just underlined this.  The episode dropped another tenth of a point, realizing a rating of 1.1 with the 18-49 demo.  However, we’re still enjoying the program.  And will enjoy it to the bitter end.

Ratings for “The Cape” Drop Again!

Posted in Comics, Television with tags , , , on February 9, 2011 by ghostradioworld

“The Cape” does a great job at dodging explosions.  Not so great at dodging the bad ratings.  The ratings fell again this week, this time by 13%, forcing the show down to a 1.3 rating with the 18-49 demo.  The show has dropped every week.  And the network recently cut its episode order.  This show doesn’t look like it’s going to be around much longer.  So enjoy your coast city adventures while you can.

Ratings for “The Cape” Drop Again, Cancellation Watch Begins!

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After its solid and stable premiere, NBC’s new superhero drama “The Cape” has dropped steadily every week.  This week saw another drop to a rating of 1.5 with the crucial 18-49 demo.  This show won’t be long for this world unless things turn around.  The only thing going for it is NBC has almost nothing to take its place.

NIKITA Scores Modest Ratings

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“Nikita”, the current CW re-imagining of the movies and tv series “La Femme Nikita“, racked up a modest 2.7/4 rating/share for its premiere.  Although this isn’t especially impressive, it represented an increase on its lead-in “The Vampire Diaries”, and a higher number than premiere of “Supernatural” in the same time slot last year.

This, coupled with the strong reviews its received, may be enough for the series to be another success for the CW.

ABC’s “V” Has Big Ratings Drop

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ABC sci-fi series “V” had a very impressive opening week.  But equally impressive was the drop in it’s second week.  From a 5.2 to 3.7 rating with the critical 18-49 demo.  That’s a drop of 29%!  It represents the largest drop of any fall show.

However, ABC and fans of the show shouldn’t be too worried.  A 3.7 rating is still a strong showing.  Next week’s ratings will tell the tale.

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