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New One-Sheets for PIRANHA 3DD!

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Double the action. Double the terror. Double the D’s.”  That’s the wonderfully wacky tagline for the sequel to 2010’s Piranha 3D.  And even more fun than that tagline are these shiny new one-sheets which come to us courtesy of the fine folks at Bloody Disgusting.  These posters are wonderfully cheesy.  Wonderfully old school.  And just effing-wonderful.

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James Camerson Throws PIRANHA 3D Under the Bus!

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, James Cameron had this to say about Piranha 3D:

I tend almost never to throw other films under the bus, but that is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3-D. Because it just cheapens the medium and reminds you of the bad 3-D horror films from the 70s and 80s, like Friday the 13th 3-D. When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity and at the last gasp of their financial lifespan, they did a 3-D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip. And that’s not what’s happening now with 3-D. It is a renaissance—right now the biggest and the best films are being made in 3-D. Martin Scorsese is making a film in 3-D. Disney’s biggest film of the year—Tron: Legacy—is coming out in 3-D. So it’s a whole new ballgame.

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Video: PIRANHA 3D Trailer

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Sure it’s goofy, sure it’s stupid, sure it rips every horror film in the last 40 years, and sure it consciously wants you to accept and revel in  its ridiculousness.  But, despite all that, you know you want to see it:

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