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VIDEO: The Best Comic-Con Trailers!

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Comic-Con draws to a close today.  And attendees had a ball as usual.  But, if you missed it, here’s a collection of  one the best things the event has to offer:  Trailers, brand new trailers!

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New Network Genre Shows for Fall!

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For most the fall TV season is just a chance to enjoy returning favorites or sample something new.  But fans of science fiction, horror and fantasy have another agenda entirely:  They want to know about the new genre shows.  Shows that likely will have a tough time with critics and the ratings.  But may include another “Star Trek”, “X-Files” or “Lost”.  In fact, it may be the new show that they (heck, we!) will be obsessed with for the next decade.

In light of this, we’re offering you this run-down with trailers of all the genre shows on the Network this fall.  (And one midseason show because we couldn’t resist.)

And we start with ABC after the jump ….

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