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Ridley Scott Admits He Never Watched AVP!

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Hollywood isn’t a place awash with honesty.   It’s a business.  So a lot of business calculations go everything people say.  But in a rare moment of  (possibly accidental) candor,  Ridley Scott revealed he’s never seen Alien vs. Predator.  The comment came on the Friday edition of the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Film Program.  Ridley was discussing the fact that the “space jockey” mystery had never been dealt with in any sequels.  He was discussing the fact that he’s seen all the films,  when he added:

Then I watched …. couldn’t really watch Alien vs. Predator.

It was a refreshing moment.  Perhaps not that brave when you’re attempting to launch a new Alien related franchise.  But still refreshing.

Audio: Campbell Playhouse: “Jane Eyre”

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With a new adaptation of “Jane Eyre” hitting the multiplexes across the pond and DVD shelves stateside, we dug into our archives to pull out this gem.  Orson Welles’ adaptation of  “Jane Eyre” from the Campbell Playhouse broadcast of March 31, 1940.  And, if you think “Jane Eyre” is just some ancient bit of “chick-lit”.    Think again.  It may be that.  But it’s also a major inspiration for Gothic horror.  Don’t believe us?  Click play:

In 1943, Orson Welles would star in a film adaptation of “Jane Eyre” opposite Joan Fontaine.  And it’s a wonderful adaptation full of Gothic atmosphere.  But, frankly, we prefer this version.  Despite a running time of slihghtly less than an hour, it manages to delve more deeply into the dark recesses of the story.

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Video: Fassbender on Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS!

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So it is an “Alien” film after all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Fassbender on Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS!, posted with vodpod



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Very clever and classy trailer.  We think this will silence most of the naysayers.

Farrell, Fassbender and Hardy May Have TOTAL RECALL!

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Hollywood Reporter let slip that the remake of Total Recall has entered the casting stage, and the production is considering Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy for the lead.  Farrell is considered the front runner.

Farrell, interesting enough, appeared in Minority Report.  A film which was originally developed as a sequel to Total Recall.  Both films were based on short stories by Philip K. Dick.

JONAH HEX Character Posters!

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Take a gander at these new Jonah Hex posters highlighting the top characters, complete with our own inane attempts at humor:

“Love me.  Love my scar.”

“I stole Sam Elliot’s mustache.”

“Yeah, it’s a facial tattoo.  Get over it.”

“Sure, my gun is small.  You weren’t looking at the gun?  I thought not.”

We told you they were inane.  Our humor, that is, and not the posters.  And, yes, we doubt Megan Fox has ever used the phrase “I thought not”, but in our fantastic imaginations she does.  So there.

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