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Disney Returns STAR WARS License to Marvel!

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After more than two decades at Dark Horse Comics, Disney (which recently acquired the Star Wars licenses via their purchase of Lucasfilm LTD) has chosen to move the Star Wars comic book license to Marvel Comics (another recent Disney acquisition).    Marvel previously held the license from 1977 t0 1991.  This deal will be effective as of 2015.

More on this monumental decision after the jump.

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3D Stars Wars Will Be Done Right!

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Variety is confirming that Lucasfilm is in the midst of a 3D conversion of the Star Wars saga with news that The Phantom Menace 3D will see a release in 2012.  Many film fans have criticized the entire 2D to 3D conversion process.   And Lucasfilm’s John Knoll shares that view, stating:

I have been a vocal critic of some of the previous efforts at doing 3D conversions. (But) I think the problems that have been encountered are mostly because of budget and schedule, trying to ram the work though in too short a period of time.
Knoll, who is overseeing the conversion, is committed to ensuring that the Star Wars conversions are given the time to be done right.

Lucasfilm Shooting New STAR WARS Footage!

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From /film:

Yesterday was the third day of a secret LucasFilm film shoot in West Hollywood. If you were allowed to enter the “LODESTAR” production stage, you would’ve seen Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, a Tusken Raider, and even some Jawas. C3PO himself Anthony Daniels will be filming later this week.

So what is LucasFilm shooting? The good news is that George Lucas isn’t making a another Star Wars movie (not yet anyways) or additional scenes for some super duper special editions.  And No, the Star Wars live-action television series has yet to begin production. So what is it? Answer after the jump.

LucasFilm is shooting new footage for the Disney’s Star Tours ride.

Okay, maybe not any of the things we hoped for.  But it might make our next trip to Disney World more interesting.

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