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Jonny Quest All Grown Up!

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Ever wonder what everyone’s favorite boy adventurer would look like after reaching his majority?  And what his life might be like?

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Zac Efron’s New “Quest”

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The LA Times is reporting that Zac Efron is confirmed to star as the title character in the new live action remake of the sixties animated classic TV show Jonny Quest.


Casting of the High School Musical star has already sent fans into uproar mode.  As Jonny in the original was an 11-year-old, and Efron is 21.  This uproar is likely to rise in pitch as Warner Brothers is considered renaming the project for fear it might be associated with the failure of Speed Racer, another film with it’s roots in a classic animated series.

But so far we can be happy about one thing:  They aren’t turning it into a comedy … yet.

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