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Jeff Bridges Becomes an Exorcist!

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He’s been he’s been a video game character, an alien,  a country singer, and even “the dude”.  But Jeff Bridges really has his work cut out for him in his next role.  He’s just signed up to play exorcist Master Gregory, aka “The Spook”, in the new Warner Brothers picture The Seventh Son.   The film is an adaptation of  Joseph Delaney’s young adult series “The Last Apprentice”.  The film will also star young hottie, and Oscar Nominee for Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence (Below).


New TRON: LEGACY CD on the Way!

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Bleeding Cool spotted an interesting listing on Amazon:

According to the listing, Tron: Legacy Reconfigured [above] will feature “various” artists. This may just be placeholder info, though, and my hunch is that this will actually be a remix album of some kind, something that will see Daft Punk revisit and rework their compositions with freedom, liberated from having to match the on-screen mood and action.

We loved this Daft Punk score.   So this sounds like something right up our alley.  We bet it will be up your alley as well.  We hope BC are right in their prediction.

TRON LEGACY has Solid Opening!

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We feel that the best summary of Tron Legacy’s opening weekend performance came from Box Office Mojo:

Tron Legacy raked in $44 million on approximately 5,600 screens at 3,451 locations, more than doubling the opening weekend gross of Speed Racer and posting initial attendance comparable to past December release The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008). Those may sound like low hurdles, and one could point out how Tron Legacy fell short of Avatar’s $77 million first weekend or the Star Trek reboot’s $75.2 million. But Tron Legacy had a greater uphill battle than those titles, given the potential niche appeal of its techno-fantasy premise and the status of its 1982 predecessor. Legacy appears to have sold around two and a half times the number of tickets that the original Tron did in its first weekend.

Emphasis ours.  And we emphasize that for a reason.  Because it proves that the attraction of Tron has grown in last twenty years.  Thus, the decision to make a sequel wasn’t misguided.

Video: More TRON LEGACY Featurettes!

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More exciting video featurettes about the upcoming film Tron Legacy!

See more Tron vids after the jump ….

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Video: New TRON LEGACY Behind the Scenes Featurette!

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Enjoy this brand new featurette outlining some of the design challenges involved in bringing Tron: Legacy to the screen!

Video: TRON LEGACY Viral Trailer!

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This new trailer for Tron: Legacy is party of a Nokia viral campaign.   You’ll notice the Nokia N8 is featured in the trailer.  But this trailer also allows you to see some longer clips of the de-aging tech used on Jeff Bridges.  It isn’t seamless.  You can tell it’s an effect.  But, still, it’s quite impressive.

Video: New TRON LEGACY Trailer!

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We want to see this movie, like, now!

And this is fun.  Here’s a shot from the trailer of the digitally de-aged Jeff Bridges:

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