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TERRA NOVA Ratings Not Bronto-Sized!

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Monday night’s premiere of Fox’s Spielberg produced sci-fi extravaganza “Terra Nova” scored a 3.0 rating, and an 8 share, with the 18-49 demo.  This landed it in third place behind CBS and ABC for the night.  This is likely a huge disappointment to Fox who were expected a major score from this expensive show.  The word “flop” is being bandied about.  An early cancellation looks likely.   Proving, once again, the weakness of sci-fi as a genre on the broadcast networks.


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Tonight marks the series premiere of “Terra Nova”.  Steven Spielberg’s new outer-space, dinosaur adventure show.  And here’s some videos to get you in the mood.  First up, a music video using Michelle Branch’s song “Another Sun”.

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First TERRA NOVA Pics!

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Spielberg’s latest foray into TV has many geeks excited.  It’s Sci-Fi.  It’s time travel.  It may even feature dinosaurs!  And, frankly, we fall into the geek camp on this one.  Spielberg’s track record on TV hasn’t been great, but, still, we have to admit this one has us excited as well.  And these first pix from the series have increased that.

And you know what makes us even a bit sadder about this whole thing?  We spent more than a few minutes studying these photos.  Okay, it wasn’t just more than a few minutes, it was closer to an hour.  We said we were sad.

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