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Audio: William Shatner on the Howard Stern Show!

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He’s promoting his new album and book!

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Photo: First AVENGERS Photo!

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Their chairs are ready and waiting.

IRON MAN 2 Not “Demon in a Bottle”

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Marvel studios president Kevin Feige told CHUD “that those expecting [Iron Man 2 to be] a  ‘Demon in a Bottle’ storyline will be disappointed.”

Feige was referring to the critically acclaimed story “Demon in a Bottle” from the Iron Man comic book which examined Tony Stark/Iron Man’s descent into alcoholism and eventual recovery.  The story ran over nine issues in 1979.


Feige went on to say, “”About midway through the film [Tony Stark] hits rock bottom. Rock bottom is not in an alley way with alcohol alongside a dumpster.”  This somewhat counters original rumors about the film.  And may disappoint fans who wished to see a cinematic version of one of superhero comics’ landmark stories.  But, with the first Iron Man movie a favorite with adults and children alike, it’s probably a wise move to sidestep such adult storytelling.

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