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Spooky Audio: THE SHADOW – “Nightmare at Gaelsberry”!

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Today we offer that fellow with the ability to cloud men’s minds.

If  decide to spend some time with Lamont Cranston.  You never know where it might lead.  It could lead to the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.  Or it could lead to the …

“Nightmare at Gaelsberry” originally aired on “The Shadow” radio program on February 2, 1941.

Spooky Audio: CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER – “The Lady was a Tiger”

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Here’s another one from the seventies.  Guess that’s “old time radio” too these days.

When you lose a job, you likely take anything to pay the bills.  But just be careful of who you work with.  Because sometimes you’ll find …

“The Lady was a Tiger” originally aired on “The CBS Radio Mystery Theater” on February 5, 1974.

This show begins with a local news broadcast from 1974.  We left it in because we found it of historic interest.  However, it you’re not interested, the show proper starts at around the 6:30 mark.

Spooky Audio: SUSPENSE – “The Night Man”!

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An unforgettable episode of  “Suspense” from Lucille Fletcher author of such radio classics as “The Hitch-hiker” and “Sorry Wrong Number”.

Sometimes that stranger in the corner is after you.  Sometimes he is a man from beyond the grave.  And sometimes he’s just …

“The Night Man” originally aired on “Suspense” on October 26, 1944.

Spooky Audio: THE WHISTLER – “Apparition”!

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A ghostly tale of portent and property.

What is that at the end of your bed?   Is it just a trick of the light?  A dream?  A hallucination?  Or is it an …

“Apparition” originally aired on “The Whistler” on November 15, 1942.

Free Michael West Horror Novels Available Today Only!

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Kindle versions of Michael West’s horror novels Cinema of Shadows and Poseidon’s Children are available for free via Amazon, today only!  So fire up your Kindle or point or iPad and pick those books up now!

Horror Meet Up on Facebook!

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Facebook can be an entertaining place.  Sometimes accidentally so.  As the blooming of a friendship (above) between the Phantasm series’ Reggie Bannister with the Friday the 13th SeriesKane Hodder.  Wonder what such a meeting would look like on screen?

“Right One” Author Turns to Zombies!

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John Ajvide Lindqvist, author of the novel Let the Right One In, has turned his attention from vampires to zombies in his new novel Handling the Undead.

Publisher’s Weekly says:

This intelligent look into the psychological side of the undead will entice longtime zombie fans eager for a subversive examination of some of the horror genre‘s most recognizable monsters.

However, Bloody Disgusting argues:

Handling the Undead trades that novel’s character depth and riveting dialogue for a shitload of slow-paced rumination and spiritual reflection. Once the novel ends, you realize how little has actually occurred.

However, some little birds tell us that the US movie rights to this novel are about to be snatched up.  We expect to see sale news some time in the next two weeks.

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