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Photo: Ghosts Photographed at Site of Hangings!

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The photo above was taken at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.  A site used for imprisonment and executions from the middle ages till the Victorian era.  This site is considered one of the most haunted in the UK.

Christian Spice took this photo while on a guided tour with her partner Denyer:

We are both very spiritual people, and could sense quite a lot of spiritual presence around the building.

We went to visit the pits and immediately I became very agitated and sensed something really bad and evil.

I told Denyer I thought we should leave as it was affecting me. I could sense the danger and my breathing and heartbeat became faster – I felt very scared.

We could smell a musty, rotting smell and was very uncomfortable. I then became so freaked out that I ran out.

The feeling of evil was so overwhelming. Once outside we looked at the photo and could see a white glow like a huge threatening aura.

The picture also shows what appears to be two figures.  A tale “male figure” and a child in period dress.  The picture was taken with a cell phone camera.


Video: Poltergeist Activity

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Here’s a collection of clips of poltergeist activity posted on YouTube.  Like many tapes of this sort, these could be relatively easily faked.  But we still find them compelling, and can’t find any obvious signs of fakery such as strings, signs of animation, etc..  The last clip is especially interesting.

Most Haunted House in America!

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Scott Johnson at Dread Central has a great piece on the Winchester House.   Built by a member of the Winchester family (creators of the repeating rifle), it was actually designed to accomodate ghosts.  And, if reports are to be believed, it worked:

some believe that there are hundreds of displaced spirits still roaming the halls. Some place the number even higher. Most reports come in the form of phantom footsteps, unlocked doors, and cold spots, but there are a few that are stranger than most.

Here Johnson tells us about couple of the most famous apparitions:

The first is a worker with a dark moustache in white overalls, who is always seen pushing a wheelbarrow. Dozens have seen him and identified him from an old photograph that hangs in the gardener’s toolshed. The other appears to be Sarah Winchester herself, still walking the grounds, her dress black and her face covered by a black veil. While many ask if she’s part of the promotion of the house, no such person has ever been employed there.

Sounds like a fascinating place to visit.  Check out the house’s official website to learn more.

Video: Moving “Ghost Face” Caught on Tape

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A Japanese ghost hunting team catches a “ghost face” on tape while investigating in an abandoned building.

Here’s a blow-up of that face from the video:

ghost face

Watch the full video below.

Ghost Hunters Hit Northumberland Museum!

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From the Northumberland Gazette:

PARANORMAL activity is to be investigated at an Alnwick Museum.

Ghostseekers will be investigating spooky goings-on at the Bailiffgate Museum on June 13.

The event includes mediumship, trance, séances, spirit writers, Ouija boards and table tipping.

It starts at 9pm and runs until 3am, with tea and coffee provided.

Tickets cost £25 and are on sale now. To book call 01324 882883. For more details visit

Photo: BBC Reporter Photographs Ghost!

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From the BBC:

BBC journalist Chris Sandys has said he is at a loss to explain a mystery apparition that appeared on a photo.

Chris, 30, was photographing at the reputedly haunted Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, and captured the image on his camera.

“It was a bizarre formation of light showing a mystery figure in a doorway,” he said. “I am sure it was not caused by sunlight or dust in the air.

“I checked again and looked in the doorway but I could see nothing.”

He went on: “As a BBC employee I wouldn’t dare doctor an image or I would lose my job.”

Chris, who works for BBC Gloucestershire’s website, was photographing in an attic never before opened to the public.

Museum Director Sarah Parker said: “We are truly flabbergasted by the image.

“We have graffiti from soldiers previously billeted in the attic rooms from the 19th and 20th Century and perhaps this is one of them or even one of Jenner’s servants.

“We have always thought of the ‘ghosts’ as being metaphoric, but maybe we need to think again.”

The museum is dedicated to Dr Jenner, who lived in the house from 1785-1823.

It was from the Grade II listed building that he pioneered his world-changing vaccination against smallpox.


Video: GHOSTBUSTER Video Game – Features Cut Scene

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