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Video: Ghost Face in Window

Posted in Ghosts, Video with tags , , , on June 26, 2010 by ghostradioworld

The YouTube poster describes the video this way:

This is a video that I took on my mobile while we were messing around on the green. We saw a face in the window of a locked room. Keiren the manager took us up to look afterwards but there was no body there and the room is out of use. Couldnt sleep after I took this.

Creepy vid.  Here’s a screen grab of the face:

The face appears very solid.  So there’s no reason to believe it isn’t just a person.  But still …

Video: Ghost Body Falling Past Window

Posted in Ghosts, Video with tags , , , , on June 26, 2010 by ghostradioworld

This is how the YouTube poster describes this video:

We were just messing about in school then this body fell past thewindow. It was screaming but there was nothing there. We were freaked out for days.

Interesting video.  Our problem with this video is that it doesn’t fully reveal the ground.  We think a dummy, which someone dropped, could be hiding out of frame.   However, if this a hoax, the acting is quite convincing.  It doesn’t possess that stilted “this is a hoax” quality.  But the videographer zooms out right before the body drops.  That seems too convenient.

We examined the “body” in the video.  It appears quite stiff and we couldn’t make out feet.  This suggests some type of constructed thing.  A dummy of some sort.

So we’re leaning toward “hoax” on this one.  But the genuine atmosphere in the video makes us unwilling to fully commit to that assessment.  And that’s why we’re sharing it with you.

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