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Photo: Ghosts Photographed at Site of Hangings!

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The photo above was taken at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.  A site used for imprisonment and executions from the middle ages till the Victorian era.  This site is considered one of the most haunted in the UK.

Christian Spice took this photo while on a guided tour with her partner Denyer:

We are both very spiritual people, and could sense quite a lot of spiritual presence around the building.

We went to visit the pits and immediately I became very agitated and sensed something really bad and evil.

I told Denyer I thought we should leave as it was affecting me. I could sense the danger and my breathing and heartbeat became faster – I felt very scared.

We could smell a musty, rotting smell and was very uncomfortable. I then became so freaked out that I ran out.

The feeling of evil was so overwhelming. Once outside we looked at the photo and could see a white glow like a huge threatening aura.

The picture also shows what appears to be two figures.  A tale “male figure” and a child in period dress.  The picture was taken with a cell phone camera.


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