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Video: Jason Voorhees on Talk Show!

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Must see for all Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees acolytes.  And hilarious too!

EerieTube Creates Special Friday the 13th Intro!

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Our pals at Eerietube have created a special intro in honor of Friday the 13th!  Check it out here.  It’s very atmospheric.  And while you’re there check out some of their great short films.   No horror fan should miss them.

Horror Meet Up on Facebook!

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Facebook can be an entertaining place.  Sometimes accidentally so.  As the blooming of a friendship (above) between the Phantasm series’ Reggie Bannister with the Friday the 13th SeriesKane Hodder.  Wonder what such a meeting would look like on screen?

FRIDAY THE 13th Sequel Dead!

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When recently asked via Twitter about Platinum Dune’s sequel to the reboot of the Friday the 13th (ah, that’s a mouthful), producer Brad Fuller responded simply:

it is dead … not happening

And so another story is broken on Twitter!  Who needs publicists?

Horror fans probably aren’t shedding too many tears about this.  But the remake was a hit at the box office, and the script for the sequel was reportedly read to go.  So we’re wondering what prompted this decision?

Those interested in following Brad Fuller on Twitter can find his page here.

“Friday the 13th” Sequel in the Works

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Andrew Fuller, the Producer of Platinum Dunes’ remake of Friday the 13th,  has this to say on his blog:

First of all, you can bet your ass that we want to do a sequel – I have said that a number of times, but now we have evidence to support that desire. My first call on Tuesday will be to all of the people we worked with at the studios to get moving on another Friday 13th movie. We loved making this one, and already have some thoughts about the next one. I have spoken to Derek (who plays Jason) and we all want to work together again, so I feel very strongly that he will be back. I also know who I want to write it, and will get into that later. I hope to make some announcements about a sequel very soon.

Check out the rest of his comments here.

Friday the 13th Slashes the Competition!

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Friday the 13th is estimated to gross $45.2 million this weekend,  making it both the highest opening for a horror remake and the highest opening for a slasher film.  If estimates hold it could also be the second highest President’s Day opening in history.

But as Box Office Mojo notes:

Adjusted for ticket price inflation, though, Scream 2Scream 3,  and Freddy Vs. Jason had higher initial attendance, and, unadjusted for inflation, there have been bigger horror openings, including I Am Legend, Signs and The Village.

Whether or not this a good thing depends on how you feel about the genre, remakes, etc..

But the weekend in general has offered good news for the movie business with overall box office of $193 million, smashing last years take by almost 40% — proving that in these hard economic times people are choosing to spend their money at the movies.

FRIDAY THE 13TH Reviews!

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Our buddies at Dread Central offer two divergent takes on Platinum Dunes’ remake of slasher classic Friday the 13th.

Nomad dug the film’s scares:

Friday the 13th proves itself extremely effective in setting up scares galore, be they of the creepy build or jumpy variety. Even the jump scare is becoming a lost art nowadays, but when you can make your audience shrink back into their seats with a slow walk down a dark path, you should be applauded!

And goes on to say:

Friday the 13th is worthy of the name and, more to the point, is what great horror is all about. Having one hell of a good time.

But Carmen Potts saw it differently:

Stepping into a crowded theater for the return of Jason Voorhees, I fully expected to be whisked back to a wild ninety minutes of screams, cheers, and flying popcorn, but what followed was something else entirely: absolute silence. And in a Friday the 13th movie, that’s not a good thing.

Potts didn’t like the kills either:

Ever since that first trailer hit in 1980, Friday the 13th has lured audiences in for one reason: the kills. This is where the remake really drops the ball. Even the worst Friday films would have at least one wildly inventive murder that made you holler and elbow your surrounding buddies – but you’d be hard-pressed to do the same here. Sure, there are thirteen kills and most of them are fairly bloody, but they lack any sense of tension or creativity.

And Potts concludes with this un-cheery thought:

I’m sure we’ll get the usual flurry of responses of “Well, it’s better than (insert bad sequel title here)”, but I would rather take bad shlock over this bland Hollywood mediocrity.

Say a prayer and grab your crucifix for Freddy Krueger, who is next up on the chopping block.

You can read the full reviews here.

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