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Stunning videos of what appears to be a meteor exploding in the skies over the Ural Mountains in Russian.  The Associated Press reports that the Russian Academy of Sciences claims that the object weighed more than 10 tons and injured as many as 400 people.  The report went to state that it “entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph) and shattered about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above ground”.

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Unknown Explosion Rocks Indianapolis Neighborhood!

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An explosion of unknown cause, rocked through Indianapolis neighborhood.  Killing at least two people.  Destroying two homes and causing massive damage to a dozen others.  At least 200 people were evacuated to a local school.

Residents from as far as 15 miles away felt the explosion.  Claiming it shook and rattled their homes.

Press initially reported the cause of as a gas leak.  But have subsequently pulled that explanation.  And, Marc Lotter, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said,  “No cause has been ruled out.”

Conspiracy sites have run wild with speculation, postulating a wide range of causes, including drone strikes, airline crashes, meteor impacts, and government weapons tests.

See some intriguing videos and photos after the jump …

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