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Disney Returns STAR WARS License to Marvel!

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After more than two decades at Dark Horse Comics, Disney (which recently acquired the Star Wars licenses via their purchase of Lucasfilm LTD) has chosen to move the Star Wars comic book license to Marvel Comics (another recent Disney acquisition).    Marvel previously held the license from 1977 t0 1991.  This deal will be effective as of 2015.

More on this monumental decision after the jump.

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ROCKETEER Comes to Blu-Ray!

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Fans of Disney’s live action version of Dave Stevens’ comic book classic Rocketeer rejoice!  This film which never had a high quality DVD in the United States.  No extras and not even 16:9 enhanced.  But now it’s getting a new release!  On Blu-Ray.  Although we don’t yet know the extras, the release already available for pre-order on Amazon is dubbed the 20th Anniversary Edition.  So we expect some kind of extras.  This edition hits shelves on December 13, 2011.

PIRATES 5 Script Already Commissioned!

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4:  On Strange Tides is months from opening,  but Disney already has their eye on the next film in the series.   They’ve even opened their wallet too!  Today they  closed a deal with Pirates scribe Terry Rossio to pen the next film in the series.  Rossio has co-written all the previous films, but this marks the first one he’ll write without long-time collaborator Ted Elliot.   And a little mouse tells us they’ve also begun talks to with first time Pirates series helmer  Rob Marshall.   Clearly, Disney wants this golden goose alive and kicking.

Rush to Call TRON LEGACY a Bomb!

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With its release two weeks off, sites all over the web are rushing to declare Tron: Legacy a bomb.

Slash Film says it could be …

a box office catastrophe that would consign Legacy to the same category of flops such as Ishtar, The Postman or the more recent Speed Racer


While iO9 says …

Tron Legacy is on track to be another disappointment


And THR says …

… first-weekend prospects for Disney’s Tron: Legacy are significantly below where the studio needs to be with its pricey tentpole.


Those who follow films know this a normal rant every Christmas season.  With the competition even fiercer than Summer, the knives come out in an attempt to lend the taint of failure to big releases.  Just remember, early tracking is notoriously inaccurate.  And Tron: Legacy has an awareness level no other December release can match.  Bomb?  We think  not.

And are we the only ones who are tired of the glee some writers take in becoming among the first to declare this, or any film, a bomb?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Disney Suits Feared that Captain Jack Sparrow was Gay!

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In an upcoming interview with Johnny Depp in Vanity Fair, the actor said that higher-ups at Disney were initially worried by his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.   He recalls one of the executives querrying him about the character:

‘What’s wrong with him? Is he, you know, like some kind of weird simpleton? Is he drunk? By the way, is he gay?’

Depp, wishing to have some fun with the exec, responded:

‘But didn’t you know that all my characters are gay?”

According to Deep, this greatly disturbed the exec.

Doctor Strange First Marvel Superhero to Carry Disney Logo?

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By the dread dormammu!  Deadline offers this exclusive bit of news:

Marvel Studios has hired Conan scribes Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write Dr. Strange, marking forward progress on a long-gestating superhero property which will likely be among the first Marvel films generated under the Disney banner.  Aside from Conan–the Marcus Nispel-directed Lionsgate film that stars Jason Momoa–Donnelly and Oppenheimer also scripted a live action adaptation of the vidgame Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Sony and producer Chuck Roven, and they wrote a draft of the Jon Favreau-directed Cowboys and Aliens for DreamWorks/Universal.

Doctor Strange, a character steep in psychedelia and mysticism, seems an odd choice for the first official Marvel/Disney collaboration.

Is he really blockbuster material?

We love Doctor Strange, especially the Ditko era, and would like to think he is.  But we have our doubts.

Downey Jr. to become the Great and Powerful Oz?

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Robert Downey Jr. has thrilled audiences as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.  But what’s next for the beloved thesp?  According to the LA Times,  he’s in the running to be the Wizard of Oz in a new Disney prequel to the classic tale.

The film, tentatively titled The Great Powerful, will tell the story of the Wizard’s first journey to Oz and how he became the ruler of that land.  Sam Mendes and Adam Shankan are the top two of the directors being considered to helm this fantasy epic.

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