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Missing Episodes of “The Avengers” to be Produced as Audio Dramas!

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Like many British shows from the fifties, sixties and seventies, the cult classic “The Avengers” has a number of lost episodes.  They come from the show’s first season.  Long before Diana Rigg donned a cat-suit as “Emma Peel”, when the show was still shot on video tape.  However, Patrick Macnee as “John Steed” was there.  Though quite a different Steed than the one viewers would come to know and love some years later.  And Steed’s partner at this time was “David Keel”, played by Ian Hendry.

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Video: Rare 1960s Interview with the cast of “The Avengers”

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From German television this is a rare interview with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg about “The Avengers”.  As you may hear in this video, the German’s didn’t call the show “The Avengers” but rather “Mit Schirm, Charme, und Melone”.  This roughly translates as “With an Umbrella, Charm and a Bowler Hat.”

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