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Dark Matter Not Origin of Mystery Radiation

Posted in Weird Science with tags , , , , , on August 3, 2009 by ghostradioworld


Dark Matter is a mysterious, unobservable form of matter that some scientists believe fills our universe.  Some thought they’d found evidence of its existence in mysterious peaks of radiation emanating from the center of our galaxy.

But now Science Daily is reporting on a study which disproves that theory:

The recent study has found that the ‘positrons’ fueling the radiation are not produced from dark matter but from an entirely different, and much less mysterious, source: massive stars explode and leave behind radioactive elements that decay into lighter particles, including positrons, the antimatter counterparts of electrons.

We wonder if Dark Matter isn’t here is it possible that it isn’t anywhere?

Although Dark Matter remains a popular explanation of observable gravitational anomalies,  some critics argue this may simply come from our incomplete understanding of gravity.   While others suggest even more exotic explanations, such as the gravitational pull from other dimensions.

Clearly, the study here doesn’t disprove the exist of Dark Matter.  But it gives more ammunition to those who doubt its existence.

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