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Disney Returns STAR WARS License to Marvel!

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After more than two decades at Dark Horse Comics, Disney (which recently acquired the Star Wars licenses via their purchase of Lucasfilm LTD) has chosen to move the Star Wars comic book license to Marvel Comics (another recent Disney acquisition).    Marvel previously held the license from 1977 t0 1991.  This deal will be effective as of 2015.

More on this monumental decision after the jump.

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Dark Horse Comics and Hammer Films Join Forces!

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Dark Horse Comics and Hammer Films have joined forces to produce licensed comics.  Although this creates images of comic books based on the classic Hammer Films of the fifties, sixties and seventies.  The first announced title is an adaptation of Let Me In the remake of beloved 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In.

Classic Comic CREEPY Returns!

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If you’re a horror fan, and was of reading age any time between 1964 and 1983, you probably remember the classic horror comic Creepy.   This black and white anthology thrilled horror fans of all ages, and avoided the comics code by being published as a newstand magazine.

Well, fans of this exciting series are in for good news this year.  Dark Horse Comics will be publishing archive volumes of the original Creepy, and launching a new version of Creepy!

Editor Shawna Gore says, “The new material will retain the original magazine’s penchant for twisted tales of the supernatural, suspense, and bizarre sci-fi, but with a sharp focus on modern fears and phobias. It’s not going to be your father’s Creepy magazine, but it’ll be every bit as good and gruesome.”

The first issue hits comic shops on July 15th, 2009!

Paramount Fast Tracks Horror Comic Book Project!

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According to Shock Till You Drop,  Paramount has put the pedal to the metal on their adaptation of Dark Horse Comics’ graphic novel Damn Nation.


From the description on Amazon this looks to be a combination of I Am Legend and Escape From New York:

Imagine a United States shut off from the world by concrete barricades and barbed wire-not because of what might get in, but what might get out. A vampire plague has spread from sea to shining sea and when a small holdout of scientists trapped outside of Buffalo, N.Y. discover a cure, it’s up to a Special Ops team from the President’s current offices in London to go in and get it. Yet, not everyone in the world wants to see America back in the saddle again…

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