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VIDEO: Trailer for “Time of the Doctor”

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Latest trailer for “Time of the Doctor” the “Doctor Who” Christmas special which will air globally on Christmas Day, 2013!  It will also feature the regeneration of Matt Smith’s Doctor into Peter Capaldi’s.

VIDEO: Another “Day of the Dalek” Prequel!

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Another prequel to the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special “Day of the Doctor”.  This one’s very good.  You’ll wish it had gone on longer.

More Exciting DOCTOR WHO News!

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As if the announcement of new companion today wasn’t enough, “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat had other exciting news to share.  A bit about monsters, the schedule and more.

Find out all after the jump:

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Lost Dalek Seeking Owner!

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A Dalek has been discovered in the West Exe Learning Centre in Exeter, England.   The Dalek is a full sized replica, standing about 5′ tall.  Like the actual props, an individual can side inside this replica and control it.

The officials at the school have no idea where the dalek came from, and are seeking its owners:

Anyone who can help police with their inquiries is asked to contact Det Con Prince at Exeter burglary team on 08452 777444.

Wonder how many false claims of ownership they will receive?

We bet many fans wish Steven  Moffat would collect this one to replace the widely panned “new daleks“.


Matchstick Dalek!

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From the Daily Telegraph:

This full scale matchstick model of one of television’s scariest aliens is the work of Brian Croucher, 66, who spent more than two years on the task in the sitting room of his end of terrace house in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

He finished it last month by applying the last of three coats of clear varnish to the 480,000 matches which have been cut, shaped and sanded into the 5ft 3in extraterrestrial.

“I spent an hour or maybe two on it at a day because I have a bad back and it is difficult sitting still for such a long time,” said Mr Croucher, a retired electroplater. “Besides, it can be a tedious business.”

Mr Croucher was bitten by the matchstick modelling bug 30 years ago when he watched his nephew struggling to make a model of his mother’s house. He said: “I told him it looked good but bet him that I could make a matchstick boat and finish it before he finished his house. He gave up half way through but I carried on.

For the rest of the article click here.

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