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GODZILLA Opens Strong!

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Despite mixed reviews, GODZILLA’s box office beat expectations midnight screenings  brought in an estimate $9.3 million, while Friday numbers reached a high of $36.  This could result in a total box office of over $90 million for the weekend.

Godzilla Stomps onto Blu-Ray

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The original Japanese version of Godzilla (Gojira) hits Blu-Ray on September 22, marking the monster’s first stateside foray onto HD.  Feast your eyes on the box art above.

This release will be feature most of the extras from the 2008 Classic Media release.  But will not include the audio commentary.  Why was this excluded?  Godzilla completists will not only be forced to double-dip, but they won’t be able to sell or give away the original DVD.

This lumpy-headed thinking puzzles us collectors.

Regardless daikaiju (giant monster) fans should be excited about getting to see on of their favorite monster in full HD!

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