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“Doctor Who” Goes West in Series 7!

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In series six the Doctor wore a cowboy hat.   It appears series seven looks to up the ante.  With an entire episode set in the old west.  The episode entitled “The Gunslinger” was written by Toby Whithouse.  It is due to start shooting in Spain later this month.   Rumors suggest this show is not merely a Western but done in the style of a Spaghetti Western.

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Genre Shows Top TV BAFTAs!

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Genre TV dominates this year’s TV BAFTAs with “Being Human“, “Misfits”, and “Sherlock” receiving nominations in the best drama series category; Matt Smith (“Doctor Who“) and Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock”) being honored in the best actor category; Martin Freeman (“Sherlock”) and Robert Sheehan (“Misfits”) in the best supporting actor category; and Lauren Socha (“Misfits”) in the supporting actress category.

A full list of nominees after the jump …

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Video: Brand New “Being Human” Series Three Trailer!

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Entertaining conceptual trailer for the third series of BBC 3’s “Being Human”.

BBC Books Launches “Being Human” Tie-in Novels

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BBC Books has announced three tie-in novels for their stellar series “Being Human”.   Here are the BBC’s descriptions of these three new titles:

Chasers by Mark Mickalowski:

George’s friend, Kaz, arrives at the flat with a staggering request: she and her partner Lucy want to have a child, and they’d like George to be the father. George is warming to the idea – he’s always wanted kids, and he can be as involved in the baby’s life as he wishes – but he is wary: what if his condition is genetic?

Mitchell and Annie don’t approve of the new plan, but Mitchell is wrestling with a difficult decision of his own. His new friend, Leo, is surprisingly good company for a pasty older bloke who believes the 1980s were a golden age. But he seems a little too interested in Mitchell’s family and history – and he has a surprising request of his own in store for his new friend…

The Road by Simon Guerrier:

Annie has learned quite a bit about her new friend Gemma: she’s 40 and used to work in a pharmacy, she likes to go bowling, and she’s never forgiven herself for the suicide of her teenage son. She also died ten years ago and doesn’t know why she’s come back through that door…

Perhaps it has something to do with the new road they’re building through the rundown part of town. The city’s plans are sparking protests, and Annie knows those derelict houses hold a secret in Gemma’s past. Will stopping the demolition help Gemma be at peace again? Annie wants George and Mitchell to join the road protest, but they’re more concerned by mysterious deaths at the hospital. Deaths that have also attracted the attention of the new Hospital Administrator…

Bad Blood by Jamie Gross:

Denise was the ultimate party girl and was always around when Annie first knew Owen. She became an air hostess and has been travelling the world, but now she’s bringing the party back to Bristol. Annie is thrilled – Denise can see her, and fun is back in her life – Mitchell is entranced (‘she smells… amazing’), and George remembers all too well what happened the last time they had strangers in the house…

Annie and Denise throw themselves into organising a charity bingo night at the local sports ground leisure centre – after all, it’s for charity and what’s not to love about having a good time? But why is everyone acting a little strangely around Denise? Why are more and more vampires hanging around wherever she goes? And why does George get the feeling that Bingo Night is going to go horribly, horribly wrong?

Denise was the ultimate party girl but why is everyone acting a little strangely around her?

You can pre-order these titles here.  Series 2 of the television series premieres this Sunday.

Video: Exclusive Screening of “Being Human” Series 2!

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“Being Human” Heads for BBC America

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The excellent new British series “Being Human” will begin airing on BBC America on July, 25 2009.

The series follows a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost as they try to live normal lives.  And though the premise sounds like a comedy, it’s more serious than you might expect.  Though the comic moments, when they come, are excellent.

But, whatever you think of the premise, just tune in … it’s one of the best horror shows in years.  And here’s a trailer to whet your appetite:

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