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Here’s a first look at pictures from set of “Gotham”.  The “Batman” prequel series that focuses on Commissioner Gordan (above) and his early days as a police officer in Gotham City.

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Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Have a Cameo as Batman in MAN OF STEEL?

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Since the cryptic ending of The Dark Knight Rises many speculated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would take over as Batman in the either the next Batman film or a Justice League movie.  Now there’s a new wrinkle to these rumors.  People are beginning to suggest that his first appearance as Batman will be in the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel.

Find out all the skinny on this after the jump.

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With the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises less than a day away, it seems like the right time to share these rare pix of the only Batman that matters … Adam West.  The wide angle shot (above) gives a really good view of the interior of the Batmobile.  It’s almost as good as taking a ride.   Then we see Mr. West bespectacled (middle) studying a script for an upcoming episode.  He looks quite fatigued.  Are those “bat-bags” under his eyes?  And finally we see Batman (bottom) on the backlot, making a dramatic exit from the Batmobile.   Burt Ward (Robin) can been seen with his back to the camera.  No one could jump from a Batmobile like Mr. West!

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BEETLEJUICE Sequel … Without Keaton!

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Talk of a Beetlejuice sequel or remake have gone on for years and years.  It’s been touted enough times to make your head spin.  (See what we did there?)  But now it looks like, maybe, just maybe, it will finally happen.  The script will be by Seth Grahame-Smith.  A writer best known for penning the joke novels “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  And with credits like that … how could it miss?  The project is said to be a continuation of the original movie.   But will include none of the original cast … not even Michael Keaton.

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DC Reboot One-liners and Preview Art!

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DC is beating the drum for their massive relaunch/reboot in September.  First, they released a bunch of preview art.  Then they sent out 52 “one-liners”.   Each coming from one of the new issues.  And each, supposedly, relating to the over-arcing themes of the reboot.

After the jump, we share the one-liners and all the color preview art with you!

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Photo: First Look at Anne Hathaway as CATWOMAN!

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Zzzzzzzz … wake us up when there’s a photo that really shows off the costume.  But what we’re seeing looks very bland.  No cat ears!  Boo!

Gordon-Levitt’s DARK KNIGHT RISES Character Announced!

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Warners has finally announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play villain “The Holiday Killer” in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.  This character is a recent addition to Batman’s rogue’s gallery.   He was created by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale for their 1996 maxi-series “Batman:  The Long Halloween“.

Interestingly, in this series the identity of “The Holiday Killer” is never identified.  Though both “Alberto Falcone” and “Gilda Dent” claimed part of the character’s role in the story.  Alberto Falcone’s father Carmine Falcone appeared in Batman Begins. He was portrayed by Tom Wilkinson.

Comics is so confoozin’, ain’t they?

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