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Mysterious Boom and Bright Light in Arizona Solved?

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Local news stations in Tuscon, Arizona reported getting hundreds of calls from viewers who saw a large light in the night sky and heard either one or two loud booms on the night of December 10, 2013.  The video above shows images of the experience.   People have speculated that it could be everything from a meteor, a transformer exposion, secret military aircraft to a UFO. For a possible answer to this mystery watch the video after the jump.

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Video: Mysterious Purple Spheres Found in Desert!

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UFOs Spotted Near Military Base

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From the Examiner:

Witnesses are reporting UFO activity near U.S. military bases in Arizona and Texas this week. The Texas incident lit up both the sky and the ground as a glowing light moved toward the ground. Fighter jets were reported to have chased “two intense red lights” in Arizona.

In a neighborhood bordering Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, witnesses saw a bright white object light up the sky and yard where they were standing in the early morning hours of Feb. 22.

“I noticed that this light had a somewhat definite geometric shape,” one witness said. “It was square with pointed corners. The edges of the square were slightly concave, just a slight bend which didn’t make it look like a traditional square.”

The glowing and silent object, he said, was spinning as it moved toward the ground, and seemed to reach the rooftop levels of nearby structures.

In a second case on Feb. 23 near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, a witness described two pulsating, bright lights that were stationary in the sky. After five minutes, one of the lights went out and was replaced by four or five new lights. As five “fighter jets” moved toward the lights, the lights “blinked off.” The witness said that the jets seemed to be chasing the light.

Following is the unedited account of the Texas incident from the Mutual UFO Network database. The unedited Arizona account follows.

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