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PHOTO: Flying Saucer Over Mars!

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UFO Sightings Daily offers quite a scoop this week.   Photos taken by the Mars rover of a classic saucer shaped UFO.  A “flying saucer” if you will.

Check out the photos themselves after the jump.

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Video: J. J. Abrams’ “Super 8” Trailer!

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Heard the rumors about the trailer for J. J. Abrams’ secret project “Super 8” running before Iron Man 2?  We discussed it here.  Now see the real thing via Youtube:

You’ll notice J. J. Abrams isn’t the only famous name in the trailer.

Photo: Area 51 UFO?

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This image from Google Earth was originally posted on Above Top Secret.  This is what the poster had to say:

I found this image on Google Earth just a little due west of Area 51 in Nevada. The first thing I thought of was UFO but now I think it’s more likely some sort of experimental aircraft. What do you think? The shadow it’s casting makes it look like it’s floating (it’s just under the placemark).

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