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New “Jekyll and Hyde” Series Headed for ABC!

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Frederick March (above) may look confused.  But there’s no confusion about the fact that remakes of classic tales are all the rage.   And Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is the latest tale to get such treatment.  Former Platinum Dunes alum, Sheldon Tuner has just sold a series to ABC entitled “Hyde”.  The concept:

A thirtysomething ER doctor with a degenerative eye condition who is conflict-averse and hesitant to be captain of his own destiny. After attempting an experimental treatment to improve his eyesight, he begins to experience a strange side effect — when he goes to sleep, his id manifests itself as Hyde, a fearless, gregarious personality who takes control where Grant cannot.

Sounds intriguing.   But it will be hard for this show to match Steven Moffat’s “Jekyll”.

“V” Ends on a Up Note in the Ratings!

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The season (possibly series) finale of “V” saw a brief uptake in the ratings, ticking up 6% to a 1.8 rating with the 18-49 demo.  This could well be the end for V.   Most ratings mavens suggest there is little chance of  a renewal for the series.  We get their logic.  But a little bird tells us they’re wrong.  And that ABC is looking for a way to make continuing this series economically viable.  We’ll see.  But this little bird hasn’t steered us wrong in the past.

Video: LOST (Season Six) Promo!

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Okay, Lostites, here’s the latest promo for Season Six!  This one is jam-packed with images, so it may require some frame-by-frame analysis.  But we know “Lost” fans are up for that!

ABC’s “V” Has Big Ratings Drop

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ABC sci-fi series “V” had a very impressive opening week.  But equally impressive was the drop in it’s second week.  From a 5.2 to 3.7 rating with the critical 18-49 demo.  That’s a drop of 29%!  It represents the largest drop of any fall show.

However, ABC and fans of the show shouldn’t be too worried.  A 3.7 rating is still a strong showing.  Next week’s ratings will tell the tale.

“Eastwick” Not Getting Additional Episode Order

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Although not officially canceled yet,  ABC has decided not to order additional episodes of the new drama series “Eastwick”, the romantic fantasy series based on the book and movie “The Witches of Eastwick”.

But don’t be confused by this game of semantics.  The show has been canceled.

“Flashforward” Gets Full Season Pick-up

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ABC has ordered a complete season of the new sci-fi drama “Flashforward”, and has agreed to extend the season to 25 episodes, rather than the normal 22.

This is a sign of supreme confidence.  ABC is clearly pleased with the series’ strong performance in the ratings.   In its first three weeks of airing, it has averaged 10.7 viewers and a 3.6/10 rating/share with the crucial 18-49 demo.   The series also has strong DVR numbers.  DVR expanded viewership of the premeire to 14.5 million, bumping the rating to 4.9.

This is exciting news for fans of the show.  And count us among those!

V Remake Gets Split Season

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The remake of the eighties classic alien TV show “V” has been getting excellent buzz.  But news was announced this week that the first season will be split into two parts.  A four episode “sampler” will air in November, and the remaining nine episodes to be shown in March.

ABC is apparently attempting to avoid competition with “American Idol” and the Winter Olympics.  But this move has fans worried.

It does seem an odd.  As this is often something you do with a show you don’t have much confidence in.  But perhaps they believe that in this age of fractured TV viewing the initial sampler will build excitement for the March return.

Guess it all depends on how well those four episodes play.  If it plays like an exciting movie which begs a sequel, this could work well.  But if it just plays like the first four eps of TV show, than such a schedule could just aggravate fans.

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